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    About us

    About ROCOES

    Founded on November 13, 1992, ROCOES Electro-optics Co., Ltd. Specializes in the fabrication of optical coatings and optical components. We rely on our professional expertise and practical experience in the field of electro-optics to offer our customers products with consistent, superior quality. Because we firmly believe in providing trustworthy, dependable offers, we have earned our customers’ trust and support.

    About our products

    Our chief products are interference filters, color filters, dichroic filters, hot mirrors (ir cut filters), cold mirrors (ir pass filters), beam splitters, dichroic gobos, dichroic mirrors, glass filters, filter for photography, mirrors, various coating filters used in stage lighting, effect lighting, fiber lighting, medical treatment supplies, digital camera filter, CCD barcode scanner, lighting and various of optical materials. We also offer various glass, soda lime glass, borosilicate, glass from CORNING (EAGLE 2000, EAGLE XG, 0211), glass from SCHOTT (D263T, BOROFLOAT, B270), glass from ASAHI and various lenses.


    1992 CO. Established
    1993 Add the first fully automatic optical coating machine and UV-VIS transmittance spectrumphotometer.
    1994 Obtain the improving type patent right of lamps of R.O.C.
    1996 Add the second fully automatic optical coating machine.
    1997 Obtain the improving type patent right of lamps of R.O.C.
    2000 Add glass cutting equipment.
    2001 The third fully automatic optical coating machine.
    2002 Add second special-shaped cutting machine.
    2003 Produce absorbing type filters (Glass Filters).
    2004 Produce Colorlife LED lighting systems.
    2005 ISO9001:2000 authentication
    2006 Optical filters for variety optical equipments.
    2007 Dichroic filters and Dichroic GOBOs for variety lighting equipments.
    2009 ISO9001:2008 authentication
    2010 Add the Fourth fully automatic optical coating machine.
    2013 Produce far-Infrared filters
    2015 Add UV-VIS-IR transmittance/reflection spectrumphotometer.
    2018 ISO9001:2015 authentication
    2023 Provide various optical filters and optical components.